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Performance Videos

A series of live performance videos with the band Tune-Yards (Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner)

Directed by Maureen Towey

Produced by Valerie Steinberg

"hold yourself." on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 2/22/21

Tune-Yards Perform "hold yourself" on Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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"hypnotized" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, 3/17/21

"hold yourself," "hypnotized," and "make it right." on The Current 4/1/21

"my neighbor" live for WFUV 4/13/21

"hold yourself." live for WFUV 4/13/21


Merrill Garbus

Nate Brenner



Drums: Hamir Atwal

Singer: Ayo Awosika

Singer: Moira Smiley

Saxophone: Matt Nelson


Director: Maureen Towey
Producer: Valerie Steinberg
Director of Photography: Gemma Doll-Grossman

Production Designer: Randy Wong-Westbrooke

Camera Operators: Jack McDonald, Phil Elleston III

Recording Engineers: Beau Sorenson, Maryam Qudus, Matt Gill

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